Review from Athin Gomez

Why did you choose B.H.M.S. for your studies?
B.H.M.S. provides a great combination of 6-month studies and 6-month internship as a standard curriculum. I believed that this would help me to gain efficient theory experience in class as well as practical exposure in the international industry. The educational materials used by the lecturers and the high quality of the grading system convinced me to be a part of B.H.M.S.

Tell us about your experience of living in Switzerland.
As coming from a background of a combination from Asia and Middle East, Europe seemed to be a huge challenge for me but as soon as I've arrived in Switzerland, the locals and people from various backgrounds have always been very friendly and helpful. This is an amazing place to study and become a strong independent person.

How was the relationship with classmates, staff and lecturers? How would you describe your experience of studying in a multicultural school?
My classmates come from multicultural backgrounds and have now became close friends of mine. We keep learning from each other every day. And the great thing about the lecturers at B.H.M.S. is that they are always ready to clarify your doubts, listen to you and create a bond where you are comfortable to be yourself at class with no fear.

How did you enjoy your free time during term breaks, holidays and weekends?
I love traveling and I gained a lot of friends from school. We travelled around Europe during the term break and we also enjoyed BBQ parties together.

If you had to recommend B.H.M.S. to other students or friends, which advantages/benefits would you mention?
At B.H.M.S. you would be able to learn about your weaknesses and strengths, to come out of your comfort zone, to meet many students from different parts of the world and gain a prestigious international degree.

Swiss Education
Firstly, as it's my first time studying for an international degree, the educational materials used and the grading system are really of a high quality. I had the opportunity to interact with my classmates on various projects. Especially the presentations done in class helped me built my personality and increased my confidence level.
Also, the internship placement gave me the opportunity to gain working experience in the real world. I worked mostly with people from Europe so I could interact with them and gain knowledge on various levels. This helped me being punctual at work, gave me strength to handle any circumstances and learn something new every day.