Review from Maria Rebeiz

The greatest trait about our field is the people. The communication, the relations and the experience not only from us to the guests but as well as from the guests to us. This is an understanding I have come to through the classes taught at B.H.M.S., and what an amazing opportunity it is to experience it first hand at the worlds leading customer relations retail company.
My passion has always been within the service sector. The joy of accommodating people does not only get fulfilled in hotels, it very much happens at high end luxury retail companies as well. Working for Chanel has shown me new ways to provide the bast service possible.
Applying your study theories to real work experience has been such an exciting experience. What I have been taught at B.H.M.S. has help me a great deal at my internship with Chanel as well as having increased said knowledge with the hands on customer relations opportunities that I have been given.
My dream has always been to work in guest relations. This is fundamental reason I persuaded a hospitality degree. Costumer relations and clientelling as well as hospitality is, for me, much more then solely in hotels or restaurants it is and should be in every field where service is required.