Review from Vedant Newatia

Why did you choose B.H.M.S. for your studies?
The most important part of a hospitality education is the practical education and the fact that every year you can work for 6 months is a great way to develop your skills. On top, being part of a Swiss hospitality School which is well known all around the world adds value to your resume.

Tell us about your experience of living in Switzerland.
Everyone knows how beautiful country is Switzerland. It's full of mountains, lakes and snow on winter time. Even the cities are small and very picturesque. Most of the cities in Switzerland have a small old town with amazing architecture and a lake in between. I shouldn't forget to mention the nightlife in some cities like Lucerne, Zurich and Geneva which makes the study life amazing.

How was the relationship with classmates, staff and lecturers? How would you describe your experience of studying in a multicultural school?
Even though language can be an issue when you are with people of other countries, since everyone speaks English in Switzerland, it is much easier to communicate. Studying in a multicultural school breaks all the stereotypes you generally have about people from other parts of the world. The staff is also helpful with everyone and always there when you need them.

How did you enjoy your free time during term breaks, holidays and weekends?
As Switzerland is part of the Schengen countries, with a Swiss study visa you can visit more than 20 countries in Europe like Germany, France, Italy, Spain and others, which I visited and I had a great time!

If you had to recommend B.H.M.S. to other students or friends, which advantages/benefits would you mention?
Six months of internship for every academic year of studies, living in beautiful Switzerland, open access to the most of European countries, get to know people from different countries and much more…

Swiss Education
Swiss education is world renowned in the area of hospitality so applying for jobs becomes easier and regarding internship, it is more important to work in the hospitality field as every year you get the opportunity to work for 6 months and earn a valuable income.